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Community Wells

The Rural Municipality of Wallace-Woodworth has several community wells.

Treated Water
Kenton Water Treatment Plant Truck Fill (NE 6-12-23 WPM) - Coin Box
Wallace Water Treatment Plant (NW 31-12-26 WPM) * Water Card Required
Kola Well (SW 21-10-29 WPM) * Water Card Required
Untreated/Use at Your Own Risk
Hill Well (SW 35-11-25 WPM)
Valley Well (SE 5-11-25 WPM)
Cormack Well (NW 3-12-24 WPM)
McLaughlin Well (NE 12-11-23 WPM)
Hagyard Well (SE 33-10-24 WPM)
Jocelyn's Well (NW 3-12-26 WPM)
Painted Rock (NE 24-10-28 WPM)
Kirkella Well (SE 21-12-29 WPM) *Water Card Required
Elkhorn Well (SE 4-12-28 WPM) - Honour System, Please Report to Elkhorn Municipal Office
* Key Fobs to purchase water from Wallace Water Treatment Plant, Kola Well and Kirkella Well can be purchased at the RM of Wallace-Woodworth Office located at 154023 PR 257 (corner of 83 Hwy & PR 257).
Water Rates
Treated Water (Kenton WTP)
$14.75/1000 gallons 

Treated Water (Kola & Wallace WTP)
$11.80/1000 gallons
Untreated Water (Elkhorn & Kirkella)
 $6.50/1000 gallons
1m3 = 1000 litres
1000 gallons = 4546 litres
1m3 = 219.9 gallons
For more information, please contact:
     Don Todorovich, Water Utility Manager
     Phone:  204-748-1239 or 204-851-7202
Water Test Bottles and Forms are available at the RM of Wallace-Woodworth Offices located in Kenton, Elkhorn and 154023 PR 257.