Elkhorn & Area Foundation
Box 25
Elkhorn, MB R0M 0N0


Current 2022 Members:


- Brenda Orr - Chairperson

- Lana Bajus - Vice-Chairperson

- Alanna Martin - Treasurer

- Marcy Rowan- Secretary

- Jill Canart- Director

- Steven Malcolm - Director

- Linda Clarke - Director

- Mikey Stevenson - Director

- Bill Bickerton - Director


Elkhorn & Area Foundation was established in 1998 by a forward thinking group of community members, to invest in the future of Elkhorn & surrounding area.

The purpose was to assist the community in responding to today’s challenges and meeting emerging needs of now and the future.   Four community members each donated money (totaling $12,000.00) to get the foundation started and to receive matching grants.

Original 9 Board Members:

Bob Nesbitt, Ron Canart, Gail Martin, Harry Schultz, Jim Johnson, Don Bartley, Betty Rookes, Barb Hodson and Jill Canart

In 1999 – the first grant of $185.00 was awarded to Elkhorn District Community Center.  Over the years, the annual grants have grown to a total of $9145.00 being awarded in 2016 for a total of $79,000.00 over the 19 years of existence.  Scholarships totaling $21,000.00 have been awarded over the period of 2003-2016 to students of Elkhorn School to assist with continuing their education.

The Foundation does an annual Memory Tree fundraiser where a bulb can be purchased in memory of a loved one.  Their name is displayed at the Memory Tree on the honour board and a special ceremony is held to light the tree for the holiday season to remember all our loved ones.

Elkhorn is part of the Community Foundations of Canada and has been under the umbrella of the Winnipeg Foundation since 2003 to take advantage of their expertise, knowledge and financial advisement.  This has provided a great support system for the volunteer board as well as a great financial investment.

On December 17, 2016, the Elkhorn & Area Foundation grew significantly with a very generous One Million Dollar donation from the Estate of Gilbert & Milburn Soder.   Gilbert & Milburn were long term residents of Elkhorn and their generosity is going to benefit Elkhorn & Area for many years to come and assist with making the community a better place to live, work and play.

As of December 31, 2017, Elkhorn & Area Foundation Endowment fund has grown to $1,400,000.00.

Visit their website to apply for a grant online or download a copy of the application. Applications may also be picked up from the Elkhorn Municipal Office. www.elkhornandareafoundation.ca