The following items are accepted for recycling:

  • Newspapers, Flyers, Telephone Books, Magazines/Catalogues

  • Boxboard, Cardboard

  • Aluminum, Cans, Steel/Tin Cans

  • Glass Jars/Bottles

  • PET Plastic (Pop Bottles) HDPE Plastic (Milk Jugs) 4,5 & 7 Plastics (Polystyrene)

Please remember the following:

  • All plastic, glass and tin are to be sorted out and put into proper bins.

  • Cardboard/boxboard should be flattened and folded.

  • Do not place recyclables in a bag with household garbage.

  • Just remember to "Wash & Squash" all recyclable items.

  • Recycle within the Village of Elkhorn will be picked up every Wednesday on the front street year round.

  • "Hargrave Area" recyclables can be dropped off in the bins on the recycle trailer at the Hargrave Nuisance Ground Site.

  • "Kola" recyclables are now being collected in marked recycle bins next to the "Kola Cafe."

          Thank you for your recycling efforts!