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Wholesome, friendly hospitality awaits you in Kenton, at town that takes great pride in its warmth and character. Kenton has an estimated population of 180 people and many services for a community of it's size. Just a little bit off the beaten path of the Trans Canada Highway, Kenton is part of the Rolling River Route, designed to give travelers an opportunity to slow down and enjoy the scenery. Once in the neighbourhood, there is plenty to see and do.
Located one mile south of Kenton of PTH No. 21 and 1/2 mile west, the site of the Kenworth Dam has been developed for camping, swimming and fishing, and makes an ideal location for the annual Canada Day celebrations. The dam was first constructed on the Brierwood Creek in 1969 by the P.F.R.A.
Seven serviced and three unserviced sites for camping can be found near the large, sandy beach. Swim in the clear water of the lake or take a boat or canoe out to test your fishing skills. There is also a cookhouse, shower and washroom facility. Pickerel can be had here year round.

If you have any questions about the community of Kenton, please reach out to our LUD office at:


220 Cornwall Street
P.O. Box 148
Kenton, Manitoba
R0M 0Z0

Phone: (204) 838-2317
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