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Waterline Locates

Guideline for Requesting a Locate from the R.M. of Wallace-Woodworth:

A Locate Request Form must be filled out at least 10 business days prior to commencement of construction. These can be found on our website: or copies may be obtained at our main office situated at 154023 P.R. 257, Virden, MB (Located at corner of P.T.H.83 & P.R.257).
Fill out the form following the numbered steps. The more details, the better:
1- Do not forget to include the requesting company's full address.
2- Include the legal land description where the work is to take place and the civic address when available. Any other details to describe the location helps such as road numbers, etc.
3- Check off what kind of work is to be preformed, if it is not included in the list e.g. construction of a new fence, please write it down under "other".
4- We will only accept plans, drawings or sketches which include a north arrow, measurements such as length of line to be installed, desired offset from property line, road numbers, and a legend. If you can't provide us with a plan, the construction site must be staked PRIOR to sending your locate request paperwork to our office OR indicate on the form that an on-site meeting is required with our utility locator.
5- Send us the completed locate request form and plan(s) by dropping it off, e-mailing it to or faxing it to (204) 748-3450.
We process all locate requests within 10 business days of receiving it. At times emergencies happen which require all of the utility staff's resources which in turn may delay a locate request. 

If you require an emergency locate please call the Virden R.M. Office at (204) 748-1239.

Locate Request Form

If you are looking for route/project approval but do not plan on completing the work within the locate validity period (15 business days) please submit a Utility Installation Application. The application will be reviewed and you will receive project approval or a revision request within 10 business days of us receiving the application. The approval DOES NOT act as a locate and a locate request form must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to commencement of construction. 

Utility Installation Application Form